Wrong Meat: Young Man Forced To Wash Slay Queen’s Clothes After Ch0pping Her And Failing To Pay [WATCH]

A young man has met his meter after chopping a slay queen hookup girl and failing her pay her.

The viral video was sighted by Gossips24.com, as the young man was captured sitting on the bed while the hookup girl videoed him.

Apparently, the young man booked this slay queen and met her in the lady’s room, but didn’t have money to pay the girl for her service.

According to the lady speaking in the video, the unidentified who hid his face from the camera had been chopping the slay queens around for free. He doesn’t pay them after having sex with them.

But on this faithful day, his cup was full as one slay queen forced him to wash her dirty clothes. In fact, the clothes were many as seen in the video.

Watch the video below

I think this was a trap and the young man fell into it down flat.

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