3ka Aba Fie! As Man Crashes Car He Borrowed From Friend To Impress Waakye Seller; Video Stirs Many Reactions

A young Ghanaian man’s intention to impress a food vendor in his neighbourhood has landed him in rather hot waters after he damaged a car he borrowed to carry out his mission.

In a video sighted on Instagram, a car had been driven into a ditch and some young men were trying their best to get it out.

The story that accompanied the video had it that a young man was trying to impress a Waakye seller in his neighbourhood.

To ensure that he wins the lady’s heart, he borrowed a friend’s car to take to the Waakye joint so as to score some points and increase his chances of landing her should he ‘shoot his shot’.

The funny thing about the story is that the young man lives just a stone’s throw away from the Waakye seller’s joint but was bent on flaunting his ‘audio money’.

Checks from the video showed that the front bumper of the car had been badly damaged with some other damages still to be discovered.

Watch the video below;

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