Wow, check out the promise ring Medikal bought Fella Makafui

Medikal and Fella, the most “annoying” and talked about young couples are at it again. This time they are not on stage performing or dancing to annoy their haters.

This time is a video of Medical showing Fella’s fingers with a Diamond ring on it and claims to have bought it at an unbelievable price.

“yo, charley, 400,000 cedis for my girl in hand”, he said.

Well, what can we say, Fella was also seen showing off a beautiful jewelry on her finger some days ago and it was speculated to be a promise ring from her darling Medikal.

Later “haters” and some fans started making mockery of it, saying the ring looks cheap and all that.

It seems the Rapper has now decided to prove them otherwise by showering her with this expensive diamond gift.

Money indeed stops all nonsense. We hope their love continues to be this fun and beautiful. Watch the video below

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