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WIZ KID: “I Broke A Lot Of Relationships With Made In Lagos Album”

The usually private Wizkid has made a strong claim that he does not seek hype and attention from the media to promote his songs.

In an interview with D boy Dayo and Marsour Bellow of The Beat London 106.3 FM the singer made a revelation that he had broken a lot of friendships with his album.

He said: “I feel bad, I kinda broke a lot of relationships with this album, you know, guys, it is love forever, it’s nothing personal, we just making music. They know that every artist I ever worked with like, before I even work with any artiste, we are on a wave, we are on an understanding, I work with normal people.

“I hate hype artiste, I like it normal. So when we work and I’m like yo, this is a dope record but it’s not going to be on this album but on the next one, like we get it, we keep it real at all times. I wasn’t the one picking, I was making music and whatever feels great, we put it on the body of the work.” he added.

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