The past two weeks have been about labels fighting their members, from Rufftown Records to Shatta Movement, the music industry has known no peace as accusations upon accusations keep on making headlines every now and then.

Currently, Shatta Wale and his Militants – Addi Self, Captan, Joint 77 – have taken over the trends, let’s not forget Natty Lee, after they were sacked by the SM boss. Though Shatta has revealed in his recent videos that Captan is still in his camp, we are very sure he will also be sacked soon – it’s just a matter of time.

The actual reason behind the sacking has not yet been established though two parties involved in this whole scuffle – Shatta Wale and Captan – have apportioned blames on Addi Self, Joint 77 and Natty Lee for rebelling against Shatta Wale.

We were made to believe why Shatta Wale sacked his Militants was because of betrayal on the side of the gigantic three, but it appears the actual cause is far from it as the latest revelation by a Sarknative better still a friend of Sarkodie, Shawny Bills makes a shocking revelation on what actually triggered the sacking spree.

According to Shawny Bill in a tweet sighted by, Shatta Wale sacked his Militants because he is currently broke and cannot finance their careers since coronavirus has crippled him from making more money.

He wrote; “Corona make shatta Wale go broke that b why he sack his artistes nor be sey Adi self can’t write THE”

If his statement is anything to go by then Shatta Wale may not be as rich as he claims to be.


'Sarkodie's friend' reveals the true reason why Shatta Wale sacked his Militants 2


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