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Which Ghanaian can go to China to cut down their cocoa trees – Angry A Plus quizzes

A Plus has gone into bonkers after news of China venturing into global production and exportation of cocoa hit the internet.

According to the Hiplife music artiste turned political activist – We as Ghanaians are very foolish to give the Chinese the green light to destroy our major water bodies and also destroy our lands with poisonous chemicals that make our land infertile.

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And yet these nation wreckers are preserving their land to cultivate the same cocoa they are destroying over here.

He took to his his highly controversial and active Facebook page to pour out his sentiments.

He wrote;

Just last week China exported cocoa beans and these Chinese people come to your country, cut down cocoa trees in search of gold, put dangerous chemicals in your water and your soil, your land, destroy it and go and plant cocoa in their country,” he said on TV3‘s New Day on Wednesday, April 21.

Tell me one Ghanaian who can cut a cocoa tree in China and walk free. They will behead you. What kind of human beings are we

Source: Gossips24.com

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