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Western Togoland secessionist group alleged commander dies in police custody

News reaching Gossips24.com has it that one of the military commanders of the ill-famed Western Togoland secessionist group has died in police custody whiles pending trails at the law court.


Counsel for the suspect, Mr Theophilus Donkor made this known to the general public.

The name of the deceased is yet to be given to the media. 

As far as I know, I can confirm to you that one of those persons is no more with us. We are yet to receive official complaint from the police, because they [police] have not had the courtesy to even inform the family that the people we [police] came to arrest, this is what has happened.”

Because as far as we know in Ghana, which I know they [police] know, that the dead body belongs to the family so the family should have been consulted by this time, but they have decided, or they are deliberately deciding not to communicate that information to the family,


Source: Gossips24.com

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