Wendy Shay releases another single banger “All for You”

RuffTown Records signee Wendy Shay has released her first official new single for the 2019. The hit banger captions “All For You” is expected to rule the airwaves in the coming days. This song is once again produced by  MOG Beatz on deck.

As always, the hot songstress has already released the official video for the song and it is already gathering lots of views on youtube.

The ‘Masakra’ hitmaker is known to be doing what Ebony couldn’t do through out her career, that’s getting more views on YouTube when she releases new music videos.

And as usual her fans are making it happen!

Wendy took to her social media handle’s to urge her fans to go watch her latest banger and YouTube is already recording the views in their numbers

Watch Wendy Shay’s All for you video here;


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