We used to cook jollof rice with our menses for rich men – Ghana’s ‘Ashawo’ Queen mother

A self-proclaimed Queen mother of prostitutes have opened up on Asempa FM on how they use their menstrual blood and juju to steal the mind of rich men in other to chop their money.

She also talked on a special kind of juju which they seek for from Northern Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire which is used to charm some of these rich men to become obsessed over them even though some of them are ugly.

Read her full confession below:

“We used our menses to prepare delicious Jollof rice for rich married men we were dating served with salads and chilled wine. Whiles they are eating, I will be rubbing my hands on their heads and they become sober and obey my demands. No matter amount of money I will request, they will give it out.”

“Some men are very rich and influential in society and have lots of companies, they will have sex with you in a day when you call them they will never pick their phone calls.

So in order to maintain them and chop their monies, we used the juju so that they will stick to us. We were bathed with concoctions made of wed gecko to make ourselves beautiful.

If you don’t do that they will always have sex with you and run away, after they had given you just GH¢200 or GH¢500, it’s not nice at all, even if its GH¢ 1,000 it’s not enough, it doesn’t show respect, so we always have to scheme plans of acquiring juju to protect ourselves”.

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