We must vote NPP out before they “chop’ all of Ghana’s money – John Mahama laments

John Dramani Mahama has advised Ghanaians to vote out the ruling NPP government come 2024’s elections because they are the mother serpent of corruption.

According to John Mahama, the NPP as a body has an agenda to keep all of the nation’s wealth to themselves so Ghanaians must be very vigilant and thoughtful in the next general elections.

The NDC lead member also added that Ghanaians will only be able to hold the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) accountable if the party is defeated in the general election of 2024.

During his “Thank you Tour” in the Upper West Region, he claimed that the present government led by Nana Addo has stolen from Ghanaian taxpayers, implying that a change of government is necessary; voting for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will help expose such acts.

In his won words;

The NPP have no intention of fighting corruption and so the only way they can be made to account to the people of Ghana is for them to leave office so that the new government will come and audit them and show where they have gone wrong. Otherwise, all the money they have stolen, they will just walk away with it.

If you participate in politics or are a participant in public service, one of the first things you must be willing to do is to be accountable to the people. The only way they could be accountable is for them to leave office so that the people of Ghana can ask them questions and audit them to make sure they account for the period they were in office,’’ 

This is a President and government that like praise-singing and they cannot tolerate criticisms. If you criticize them, they come after you

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