Vote For Me To Win Before They Laugh At Me On Twitter – King Promise Begs Fans

Afro-pop singer King Promise is pleading with his fans to vote massively for him in the 2019 VGMAs so that he can win all the categories he deserves.

King Promise was mocked last year on social media after he lost all his categories and he wouldn’t like that to happen again this year.

Speaking on Radio Central with Amansan Krakye on his nominations this year, he showed appreciation and recognized VGMA as the most prestigious scheme in Ghana.

“It shows we are doing something good. We were nominated last year and this year too, that’s a good thing, it means we are progressing. We got more nominations than last year, it means we are doing a good job and we won’t let anything pulls us down.

I’m very thankful because VGMA is a very prestigious awards ceremony. It’s the number 1 right here in Ghana so if they recognize your works it’s a plus so I’m very grateful.

The fans should vote so that we win what we deserve. If not they will laugh at us on Twitter like last year. Everyone should vote”, he said.

The “CCTV” singer also revealed that the number of awards he will win depends on the fans because they are the ones that will do the voting.

“I leave that to the fans, whichever one you think we deserve is in your hands. At the end of the day, you guys have the power to vote to help us win whichever awards we deserve. It’s all in the hands of the fans so you guys should go out to vote so we can win together”, he pleaded.


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