Viral video of African lady joggling football, gets Donald Trump’s attention

The viral video of an African lady joggling football which has been shared on social media platforms for days now, has caught the attention Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and African Lady
Donald Trump and African Lady

The viral video of the African lady joggling football which caught US President, Donald Trump’s attention, was shared by Twitter user @AkinSawyerr with the caption “Talent is evenly distributed, opportunity isn’t”.

The video was retweeted by the US President with the caption “amazing”.


Media personality, Piers Morgan, had also praised the lady who is said to be a Tanzanian. The Good Morning Britain co-host, captioned: “Brilliant,” on the unidentified lady’s one minute and twenty-four seconds video, which has since garnered over 5 million views on Twitter.

The slick freestyle football moves of this Tanzanian woman, has boosted her into the spotlight.


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