VIDEO – Watch How A Mother Nearly Collapsed After Son Surprised Her With A Posh Car

The joy of a mother should be every child’s priority as it is every mother’s dream to see her child prosper in the future.

But in this part of the World, children tend to blame their parents especially mothers when life becomes unfair to them, they literally blame their mothers for every misfortune they face.

But that shouldn’t be the case, we’re to love our parents unconditionally just for bringing us into this world and that’s exactly what a young man exhibited in a viral Instagram video.

A young man believed to be a Nigerian surprised his mother with a brand new posh car after church service just to show his mother how much she means to him.

The woman who couldn’t hold her grounds upon seeing the surprise burst into tears as people held her up.

The unidentified man also burst into tears upon seeing his mother cry and it was so emotional and beautiful.

Watch video below:

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