Video of two school girls k!ssing and chopping hot love hits the net

A new video that has landed on the net and raised eyebrows captures two school girls seriously kissing and romancing at their school‘s backyard whiles class was in session.

In this highly censured video, the schoolgirls who are believed to be under 15 were caught in full glare practising l3sbianism which is deemed as a grave abomination in the country.

Whiles the schoolgirls were making out with the notion that no one was privy to their romance life, someone was secretly filming them in the act.

Netizens who are against LGTBQI have asked parents of these girls to immediately seek the help of a therapist and counsellor for their kids before they grow up to despise men and become full-time l3sbians

Members of the LGTBQI community have also applauded the girls for not allowing society’s uproar to deter them from loving themselves.

Follow this link to watch the video


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