Video:: Nigerian Actress, Oge Okoye Runs To Alph Lukau For Deliverance & Miracle

Nigerian Actress, Oge Okoye has run to Alph Lukau for deliverance and spiritual assistance.

The world went wild few weeks with backlash after a video of Alph Lukau resurrecting a dead body went wild.

The Man of God was leveled fake when he got exposed that the man he resurrected was part of his camera men.

That did not however deter Oge Okoye from reaching out for the service of the South African Man of God.

In a video sighted by Celebrities Buzz, the man of God magically guessed the name of the kids’ of the actress as his first sign of miracle in her life.

Surprised Oge Okoye who couldn’t fathom how he was able to get the names of her kids right was heard shouting “Amen” on top of her voice.

Many Nigerians have already started commenting on the video with majority tagging Oge as part of Pastor Alph’s ‘fake and scam church business team’.


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