Video: Archipalago Promises To Beat Kwadwo Sheldon When He Comes To Ghana For Disrespecting Sarkodie

Internet sensation, Archipalago has gone after popular YouTube content creator Kwadwo Sheldon over his disrespectful attitude towards Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie.

The content creator has been making controversial statements against Sarkodie which often deem to be dirty and play down the Personality of the rapper despite the reputation he has gained for himself over the past years.

Ghanaian U.S based internet star, Archipalago has however unleashed an attack on Kwadwo Sheldon as he places him in his lane.

This came up following Sarkodie’s interview session with Abeiku Santana which he was asked how he feels when the content creator says something controversial about him.

Sarkodie responded that he doesn’t personally know Kwadwo Sheldon but Knows him as an online content creator who does his work but doesn’t bother about the things he says but takes it as a fan saying what he wants to say.

Kwadwo Sheldon didn’t feel comfortable about his name being dragged into the interview hence took to the bird app to register his displeasure.

He wrote, “But the person come studio dey come promote his album, what was my name doing in the studio? I want understand? did he feature me on the album? oh chale Abeiku”

Archipalago also posted a video on the gram to slam Kwadwo Sheldon as he defended the Ghanaian rapper.

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