Ola Michael Accuses Ghanaian Female Celebrities Of Engaging In Anal $ex For Money In Dubai

Former Public Relations Officer of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) has painted a very dark and gloomy picture of the country’s entertainment industry.

According to Ola Michaels, people should not be swayed by the flamboyant lifestyle of more than half of the country’s celebrities because most of them are glorified prostitutes.

The movie producer, who admitted to having pimped or served as a middle man for some of the female celebrities and rich men, said most of these females simply sell $ex to keep up a flashy lifestyle.

Laying the horrifying tale of ‘fame, rich men and s*x’ to bear on Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM with George Quaye on Saturday, Ola Michael, who is a vocal entertainment critic, noted that the Ghanaian creative industry is no longer paying and therefore these females have to s*x their bodies as an alternative means of income.

He noted that a staggering 60% of well-known and respected females celebrities, admired by many, frequently travel to Nigeria and the Middle East, particularly Dubai, to satisfy the sexual pleasures of wealthy Arab men and African businessmen to be able to buy expensive cars, clothes and other luxuries.

Some of these female celebrities, he shockingly revealed, are sometimes gang b*nged by about three men for sometimes two days or more. “Most of these guys, especially those in the Dubai area want to have $ex in the anal.”

“There is a problem,” he told George Quaye and that, people Ghanaians tag as ‘Slay Queens’ have a following and they are sometimes role models and therefore “it is very important that we make sure people get to understand the truth behind what they do.”

“Actors are not making that much money for them to be buying all those expensive stuff that they show off on social media…the acting job is not supposed to be that platform where you sell yourself, let me say digital prostitution.”

“I have participated in a way” he confessed and therefore stands by his claims of the nefarious activities of the female celebrities. He even admitted having profited from linking these females to their rich clients.

Ola Michael revealed that some years ago, private jets from Nigeria pick up these females in Ghana. Most often, he added, these females, who travel to Nigeria as a part of a delegation, mysteriously vanish at the airport or they are picked up luxury cars.

The entertainment critic explained that rich men choose female celebrities because of security.

They “want to have an affair with a girl who will not expose them because if you want to expose them you get exposed more than them… so all they need is the person should have been written about, the person should have been spoken about…”

The development is not really predominant with male celebrities in the Ghanaian entertainment industry, Ola Michael noted.

According to him, a few of the men have s*x with rich women for money.

Source: Myjoyonline.com

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