Unhappy Mothers Descend Heavily On Kempinski Hotel Over Failed Easter Egg Hunt Event

A group of mothers in Accra have complained bitterly about Kempinski Hotel’s Easter Egg Hunt program that promised kids a lot of fun but the mothers claim delivered absolutely nothing.

Kempinski Hotel advertised an Easter Egg Hunt event for kids during the Easter festivities where they promised a variety of fun activities for children at a cost of 100gh cedis per child but according to the mothers, nothing the hotel promised was delivered,

In a long post on Facebook and Instagram, the mothers said Kempinski hotel after charging 100gh for each child not only refused to provide the services promised, but also served expired chocolates, dry cupcakes and mini burgers to the children, causing some of the children to fall sick..

One parent wrote:

Not a single game was organised for the kids! We were still required to pay even though Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City, Accra Ghana did NOT honour their part of the deal ! What an absolute shambles !!!! And giving the children EXPIRED chocolates ! That’s a new low..”

Another complained:

“…The cupcakes weren’t great.. and not decorated. Perhaps the kids were to decorate these cupcakes as one of the activities?! They definitely did not have the cupcake decorating activity as advertised though which was what my daughter was looking forward to the most

Sources at Kempinski Hotel have however debunked the allegations saying that not only did the party take place, but they also fully honored their side of the deal. They point to pictures of the event on their social media pages where the children could be seen engaged in all the activities promised in the event flyer.

In an official statement, the hotel said:

Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast Accra acknowledges the receipt of a complaint during our Easter Egg Hunt event. Management is currently investigating the issue. We would like to assure our customers that we make every effort to provide highest standards and follow strict guidelines in procuring goods and services from our vendors.”

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