Two Police Officers Aided In My Escape – Taadi Girls kidnapper reveals has sighted a report given by the Western Regional Police Command that it does not know the whereabouts of the three Takoradi girls who have been seized by kidnappers who have invaded the Metropolis.

According to a source who spoke to this reporter, the police are still investigating to ascertain the location of Priscilla Bentum, 21, Priscilla Kuranchie, 18, and Ruth Love Quayson, 18, who were seized by their captors in December last year.

The Minister for Gender and Social Protection, Cynthia Morrison, told Ghanaians after meeting the suspected lead kidnapper, Samuel Udoterg Wills, who is currently in detention in Sekondi, that the police were closing in on the location of the children.

The announcement calmed down the nerves of the parents of the kidnapped girls, but close to a month after the pronouncement, the young girls have still not been located and rescued.

The source was asked, “Do you know where the kidnapped girls are presently?” Unfortunately, the source responded, “We don’t know where they are that is why we are still searching for them and investigating.”

The source added that Samuel Udoterg Wills, who is currently in their custody, had assured them that girls were still alive and that gives the police hope that they would be found one day.

At the last press conference held by the police, media personnel were told that the suspected kidnapper was giving false leads to the police in rescuing the girls.

The Regional Commander, Redeemer Dedjoe, said: “He gave several leads to the police, but when police followed them, they were found to be false.”

Meanwhile, the suspected kidnapper, Samuel Udoterg Wills, has told the Takoradi Circuit Court, presided over by Mr Michael Ampadu, that he was aided by two police officers to escape from custody.

The suspect initially escaped from lawful custody but the police managed to re-arrest him. This happened on December 30, 2018, when a Magistrate Court remanded him into police custody. He used a hacksaw blade to cut the iron bars and bolted from the cell.

According to the suspect, two police officers, one of who he only named as Kwesi, provided him with oil to easily cut through the iron bars. The other policeman, he revealed to the court, was a CID personnel, but could not provide the name.

When asked to give full details about the said police officer, he mentioned his name as Kwesi, and requested that the police line up their men at the Takoradi Police Station for him to identify him.

He also prayed to the court to give him time to provide details about the said police officer.

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