Tornado Reveals How He Got His Customized Benz In Latest Video

Netizens are still waiting for Afia Schwarzenegger’s (Asibonlanga’s) response as Tornado shared a car he claimed was bought for him by the C.E.O of P-Mobile Company Limited, Mr. Phillip Brobbey.

On Tornado’s birthday, he posted a Benz with a customized number plate, raising a lot of concerns with even Afia Schwarenegger asking the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Revenue Authority’s Customs Service, and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to thoroughly investigate the car because she knew Tornado didn’t go through the proper process to get his name customsed on his siad car.

In the latest video posted on his official Instagram page, Tornado seems to not have given up and is back to tell his audience how he got the car.

In the video, he said:

“Mr. Phillip Brobbey bought that $30,000 worth of Benz for me free of charge, and I know you are pained. Since you have brought up the P-Mobile issue, then let’s do this. It is all over google that the P-Mobile boss, who is your former boss, once incited your arrest. You tried to swindle him several times. You tarnished his image and that of his family, and you were disloyal. You had the nerve to even ask for your salary balance after you were bailed out and, since he refused, you tried to make his life hell. Do all you want and he will never look your way ever again,”

Watch the video below:


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