This is what the word Slay Queen Means in Ghana

If you check the meaning of the word slay queens in the dictionary, it means a very successful lady who is seen as a role model by many young girls, she motivates other females to work harder by showing her expensive collection of materials and cheering them on to work harder since that is the only way they can also afford the expensive lifestyle she’s living.

This is however not the case in Ghana. The meaning of Slay Queen in Ghana is a lady with a flashy lifestyle, especially on social media. Slay queens love the attention they receive for showing their fake lavish lifestyle. They do all sorts of things in order to keep up with the lifestyle. They borrow dresses and material things such as iPhones, bags, cars to take photos with just so they can keep up with the social media trends and keep their fake reputation online.

slay queens in ghana

A slay Queen in Ghana is very concern about her looks more than anything, her make-up is her number one priority and her dressing is all she lives for since she always wants to look good in order to attract men.

You see them with expensive clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories most of which are borrowed. With time, some of the advanced ones are able to acquire these things for themselves mostly by sleeping with so many men for money. They do whatever it takes just to continue to keep up with the lavish life. They don’t care if the men are married or not, their only concern is whether he will be able to pay the bills or not.

A serious relationship is not part of their goals and slay queens mostly do not have a regular job. They live by the money they get from the men they sleep with. In most cases, they are very active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat since that is where they post their well-edited photos in order to attract the men.

Some even go to the extreme by forming hookup cliques where they get connected to rich men willing to pay for their services. They visit these men in their houses or sometimes meet them in hotels just to satisfy their sexual needs and take their pay.

Tinder has become very popular among slay queens in Ghana because the platform makes it easier for them to get like minded men. On Tinder, they post their semi-nude pictures in order to attract interested men into their circle. They do not join the regular ashawo lines in town since they consider themselves high class thereby making good use of their hookup cliques, social media, and tinder.

One may ask what exactly is the meaning of a Slay Queen?. As we stated earlier, Slay Queen according to the English dictionary means a successful lady, role model, and a motivation to other females. You admire her dress code and her expensive lifestyle. Slay is mostly used on ladies to explain someone who has killed it with her looks, dressing, and beauty.

There are some very successful ladies in Ghana that can also be classified as slay queens since they always make the dressing culture proud and post well-taken and edited pictures on social media frequently. This does not mean that they sleep with other regular men for it.

One such lady is the beautiful actress Martha Ankomah

Well, our focus today is on the Ghana definition of who a slay queen is. Slay queen in Ghana is that lady who is concerned with how expensive she appears on social media. She will go the extra mile to maintain a fake lifestyle. They are so happy if people think they are rich even though they are suffering in real life. They live by the benevolence of men who sleep with them in exchange for material things.

By their ways, we shall know them. Do you know any slay queen in Ghana that fits the above characters? Have you ever patronize the service of a slay queen in Ghana before? And do you think there’s anything wrong with being a slay queen? Let us know what you think about slay queens in general.

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