List of Slay Queens In Ghana

There are numerous slay queens in Ghana, and obviously, we know you’ve been going helter-skelter trying to figure out who the top slay queens are. Well, sit back and relax as I take you through the list of slay queens in Ghana.

Mostly, people tag our female celebrities as slay queens, but who actually qualifies to be a slay queen in the first place?

So far as I know, a slay queen refers to a female who is above her teens, doing well, independent, takes good care of her self, always on social media posting her pictures, living a luxurious lifestyle, has a profession, and also chops old men one way or the other – that’s the hustle you know, let’s be honest!

So, whoever makes it to my list of slay queens in Ghana is probably someone who fits in the above description, especially the last point I raised.

These girls have their travel expenses catered for, either born ones or twos and have no known men in their lives.

Check out the list of Slay Queens in Ghana;


At the mention of Slay Queens, every knee must bow to Hajia4Real. She is known in real life as Mona Montrage was once engaged to Kenpong, CEO of Kenpong Travel and Tours.
Hajia4Real has a daughter but that does not prevent her from having a birthday party at Ibiza or visit Greece for her holidays. She enjoys life!

Princess Shyngle

Call her the tapoli princess, Shyngle has no notable profession. She calls herself an actress and a model, but Shyngle hasn’t starred in a movie that has been aired on Tv! Be real where does she get her cash from? – oh from selling waist trainers? – no! She admitted herself and other actresses sleep around with rich men for cash – that’s what slay queens do.

Shyngle is a Gambian but often based in Ghana and has lived all her life as a Ghanaian. She became famous because of her looks.

Moesha Boduong

You don’t make a list of Slay Queens in Ghana and leave out Moesha Boduong. For your information, Moesha is the only certified slay queen in Ghana.

Moesha confirmed her ‘slay queenship’ after her interview with Christiane Amanpour on how Ghanaian girls exchange s#x for favours went viral.

Moesha also an actress and model is well known for using her body to fund her expensive lifestyle and trips.

Salma Mumin

Ever blazing and travelling actress, Salma Mumin made it to our list of slay queens. Yes, if you have followed Salma keenly on social media you will realize she is one of the female celebs in Ghana who cannot go a day without slaying.

Salma Mumin embarks on expensive trips around the world. One moment she is Greece, the next she is in the Caribbean, more than ‘flash’ she lands in Dubai the next moment.

Salma is a true definition of slaying.

Haillie Sumney

Self-acclaimed Ghana Goddess, Haillie Sumney gained prominence after slaying top red carpets like the VGMAs, 2019 BET, and the Glitz Style Awards 2019.

Haillie Sumney is a tv personality, an actress, entrepreneur, and a fashionista. Haillie loves slaying, travelling, and luxury.

Nana Akua Addo

Helloo!!! We aren’t done yet! No no no! Not When the queen of fashion in Ghana, Nana Akua Addo hasn’t been acknowledged for her slaying prowess on the red carpets.

Nana Akua has a way of making men bow to her fashion sense.

Oh, she is a mother, but that won’t prevent Nana Akua from carrying Ghana on her shoulders, above all that won’t stop her from being the best slayer in Ghana.

That ends our list, check this space for more lists every week!

Drop us a comment. Who do you expect to see on the list but disappointed not to? We may have a really good explanation for you.

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