The Reports Are False – Pascal Amanfo speaks on Majid Michael having throat surgery

Renowned film director, Pascal Amanfo has annulled rumours in the media that actor Majid Michel is battling with throat cancer and undergoing surgery.

A close friend of the actor, Pascal Amanfo made this known while commenting on a video shared on Instagram in which Majid was speaking to others smoothly without any hitches in his voice.

In the video, he was seen preaching to others and reading the Bible out to them loud and clearly. According to Amanfo, a purported photo of Majid lying in a hospital for the surgery was a photo taken of him in a plane and not a hospital. He added that there was no such diagnosis and no surgery.

“iampascalamanfo: @ghkwaku Kwaku can you also tell them that there was no surgery…no such diagnosis and that, that picture was taken from an AirFrance flight and not in a hospital?” he wrote.

Amanfo’s revelation comes on the heels of earlier reports that Majid had flown out of Ghana for a throat surgery abroad. According to the reports, the actor was diagnosed with throat cancer by doctors at the 37 Military Hospital, and Korle-Bu. The report went on to state that Majid started experiencing difficulties with his speech because of that throat problem.

He was also reported to have said that he found it really challenging to speak clearly to others on phone. But now, his own friend has spoken the truth about this whole hullaballoo revealing that the actor never had throat cancer so there was no surgery as earlier reports suggested.

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