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The Newest Unprecedented Deception In Town – MakeUp

The newest trend in the beauticians’ dictionary is ‘Makeup’. Personally, I define it as the ability to disguise oneself with available ‘paints’ into something entirely different (I hope the ladies wouldn’t beat me for this definition).

Admittedly, makeup work is the fastest-growing job within the circles of the beautification profession. Before presenters, journalists, musicians, politicians, and others go on set, they trust their makeup artists with their faces to do the needful by making them as sharp and nice as possible.

Frankly, most of these artists are so skillful that you hardly see anything untoward on a person’s face.

Women are the most guilty creatures in this issue. They are capable of turning their faces into something entirely different.

No wonder some weeks ago, a woman who is reportedly 63 years old disguised herself with makeup to woo an unsuspecting young man into almost proposing to her.

This issue was reported by an insider who may have forged this happening anyway. But, the issue still raised eyebrows since these makeup artistes are really doing their bid in the “disguising business”.

Are you for makeup or otherwise? Share your thoughts with us.

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