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Christians Are Not Supposed To Feel Menstrual Or Labour Pains, Jesus Died For Us And Took Our Pains – Lady claims

A South African model identified as Nikki Shange, has shared her opinion on the relationship between pain and Christianity in a recent social media post.

In her tweet she stated that Christians are not meant to experience dysmenorrhea or labour pains because Christ has removed sin and everything that comes with it, adding that there shouldn’t be any labour pain except the person is still under the curse of Adam.

“It’s not sore at all unless you’re still under the curse of Adam. 
We are now under the blessing, not the curse. Christ came and reconciled us to The Father and removed sin and all things that come from sin. So if you still get period pains or labour pains, it’s your choice to,” she wrote.

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Many users who read her post labelled her as a ‘mad’ person. What’s your take on this.



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