The government wants to kill NAM1 – KOD Alleges

Stanley Kodia popularly known as KOD, bosom friend and spokesperson for Nana Appiah Mensah, CEO of Menzgold embattled gold trading firm has levelled serious allegations against the incumbent government; NPP.

He alleges that the government has a plot frustrate Nana Appiah Mensah to death. He expressed his anger over the unreasonable bail requirements set for the NAM1, stating that it is just a plot to ensure that NAM1 stays in jail.

He took to his Facebook to write;

“It is clear now that NPP brought NAM1 to Ghana to just frustrate him and kill him. People that went to the court saw the state of Nana Appiah Mensah, he’s not well at all. They are doing politics with the Menzgold money and NAM. Goverment is not even updating Ghanaians on the Menzgold issue and how far they are with it. Do you think this Government really care about us and anytime we try to speak out they say it’s propaganda. All of a sudden the Interpol alert has disappeared from the system. You have frozen all his account and seized all his assets and still asking him to bring sureties that have assets worth 1billion Ghana cedis which is equivalent to $185 million dollars. He managed to get loyal friends who wants to do that for him but all the goverment is doing now is rejecting the assets from NAM’s friends and going in circles with him. I SPEAK ON AUTHORITY TODAY that NPP people are using NAM for politics they just want to kill the guy!!! They don’t want the guy to come out and that’s a fact!! The whole story doesn’t add up and makes no sense to me at all. Everyone must wake up and speak now, all customers,
Workers of Menzgold, artists, friends and loves ones must speak because their silence is making things worse and Nana Appiah mensah is dying slowly!!! Wake up Ghana and make your country great again. Nana Appiah mensah has not killed human to go through this torture!!! They have collapse so many businesses but all those people are walking free so why NAM!!! What at all is the matter?? NPP need to make things clear to us, they need to tell us what NAM has done to them to go through this!!!! Sorry if there are grammatical errors didn’t read through ”

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