“The Best Person To R@pe Is Your Wife”-SDA Pastor

A Seventh-day Adventist church (SDA) pastor has found himself in trouble after he was recorded saying that the person a man can r@pe should be his wife.

According to reports, the pastor who was preaching about women being submissive to their houses made the loose talk which has landed him in very big trouble.

The pastor in the video revealed that men can r@pe their wives but they must be careful to do it the legal way which is after getting married to them and paying their bride price.

The New York-based man of God who happens to be a senior pastor of Grand Concourse Seventh-day Adventist, a church located in the Bronx borough has had a petition been made against him so he can resign as the pastor of the church.

“In this matter of submission, I want you to know upfront ladies, that once you get married, you are no longer your own. You are your husband’s. You understand what I’m saying? I emphasize that because I saw in court the other day on TV where a lady sued her husband for rαpe. And I would say to you gentlemen, the best person to rαpe is your wife. But then it has become legalized.”

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