Taxi Driver Returns GHS8,000 To Passenger; Woman Weeps Uncontrollably To Thank Him [WATCH]

A taxi driver has returned a huge sum of GH8,000 to a passenger who mistakenly forgot it in his car.

The Man the woman is hugging is a Taxi driver, and the women is a fish seller at Mallam Atta Market in Accra.

Apparently the woman board the Taxi on a Friday evening and forgetfully left an amount of Gh8,000 in the taxi.

The Taxi Driver found the money the next day in his car and returned it to the women at her home where he dropped her off.

In the video sighted by on Okay FM IG page, the woman was captured weeping uncontrollably while hugging the Taxi driver, thanking him for returning the money.

Another woman was heard saying they couldn’t sleep the whole night because they had lost hope in finding the missing money.

They were lost for words to thank the taxi driver.

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