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It is sensible to date a sugar daddy than to waste your time on young guys – Shameless slay queen insists

It’s only lazy ladies who will aspire to be in a relationship purposely for money and not love.

According to this shameless big-time slay queen, it is prudent for ladies to go in for sugar daddies rather than to waste their time on young guys who don’t have enough money hence cant shower them with expensive gifts 

With her own personal experience, she revealed that older men dash ladies huge sums of money and expect little from them in little but in the case of young guys, it’s vice-versa.


Make I no lie, Having a sugar daddy is better than following all these small small boys that gives chicken change, people wey no dey get strength to nack like that, they go give you better Kpa ontop but all these small boys chai, they go nack you tire come give you 9k for hair,” she wrote.

She was not spared by her followers on the bird app as they bashed her to go and look for work instead of trying to replace men as ATM machines.

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