There have been uncountable occasions where notable celebrities were humiliated and bashed for repeating clothes. shoes, wigs, bags etc. All the time, celebrities are severely criticised for living fake lives on the internet.

Ghanaian rap heavyweight who performs under the stage name Strongman has brutally roasted critics who ridicule celebrities for repeating clothes, shoes, watches etc.

According Strongman, the Ghanaian entertainment industry doesn’t ‘pay’ as Ghanaians assume hence celebrities are not rich as thier fans believe.

Speaking on Happy Fm, Strongman narrated a story of how a deliberately unnamed female celebrity was slammed on the local cyberspace for repeating a wig on live Tv.

I don’t want to mention names but I quite remember, a lady repeated a wig for about four to five times, and because she’s an artist and a public figure, people talked about it

As soon as she uploaded a picture in the same wig, critics will leave comments like ‘by now it’s even smelling’ or ‘won’t you change your wig for once’, and this makes the artist feel bad so they join in the competition even if they don’t want to.

As suggested by Strongman, these ‘stupid’ evaluations from Ghanaians forces celebs to borrow clothes, cars, shoes etc.



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