Staying relevant is a problem – Eazzy opens up on her Music career

Hip- life artiste, Mildred Ashong known in Showbiz as Eazzy has opened up on how she perceives music as a career and has said that the most important thing which turns out to be a problem is staying relevant.

The Wengeze hitmaker in an interview with Accra based radio station Hitz Fm on Friday said the first 3 years can be described as amazing but the rest becomes the problem when maturity and business sets in.

She added that she had so much fun for her first 3 years when he career kick-started but it hasn’t been easy afterwards. “It hasn’t been easy at all. The first 3 years is beautiful. Everybody wants you on his show. I toured, but as time goes on it doesn’t feel like fun anymore. It becomes business and finding a way to stay relevant becomes the problem.”

Eazzy said the fans should bear with them the artistes when they stay away from sometime because most at times, it’s a deliberate effort to produce something worth lasting for a long time. “The fans have to understand, music is timeless. You don’t write it.”

Talking about her new single Odo, she said she feels good knowing that she’s been away for a while but got a lot of love from fans when she released the song, making the tough times she went through worth it. “it’s amazing. It makes me feel like the wait was worth it.” On what influenced the music, she said she wanted to release something that conforms to the new trend of music and would last longer.

Eazzy disclosed that she hasn’t been interactive on social media for a while but keeps in touch with her fans on a fan page on whatsapp which she manages by herself.

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