Stay Away From Good Guys Who Treat Women Well-Lady Causes Stir

A lady has shocked many after she took to Twitter to reveal that ladies should stay away from guys who are able to treat women well.

According to the lady whose name was identified as @missmwenya on Twitter if a guy tends to be good and caring to a lady during their relationship it tends to become boring since there is nothing to cry and worry about.

She further revealed that all those men do not make the relationship as they tend to apologize even when the ladies are wrong and need to be put in their place.

The lady who went under criticism after she posted those statements immediately deleted the post on her handle.

Here are some of the reactions after she posted;

@Philanelf said; its all fun and games until you hit the wall, and then you blame men for your terrible choices.

@SJP_theCule; Lol, the not boring ones are the reason y’all be saying men are trash though

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