SKOPA2PA CHALLENGE: Fans Of Patapaa Have High IQs And Here Is Why

See, it will take only a genius to get the lyrics of Patapaa’s new jam dubbed ‘Destiny’, and today has collected videos of fans of Patapaa who have joined his Skopa2pa Challenge.

Patapaa launched his Skopa2pa challenge few weeks ago after his hilarious freestyle in the studios of Hitz FM and fans have since then waded into the vibe.

Honestly, the lyrics of the song aren’t clear, but for some fans of Patapaa to get this right, I am forced to believe they are actually the most intelligent people in Ghana.

Its very difficult for anyone to figure out what Patapaa really says in some of his songs, but in the videos we’ve gathered so far these fans have tried their best.

Watch videos of fans who have taken the challenge to a different level, there must be a prize for all this stress though.

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