Sir John’s Will Is Just Some Pea Nut – Kennedy Agyapong Says

According to a politician, Kennedy Agyapong, the most talked-about ‘Sir John’s will is just a pea nut,’ and Ghanaians should prepare to talk more, according to a post by

The will become the talk of the town because of its contents and to whom the properties were given. The main reason why the will became the talk of town was that there was a point in the article where the late Sir John willed some part of Achimota forest to his nephew.

Mr. Kennedy Agyapong was speaking to the NPP USA, where he rescued Presidential Staffer Napaga Tia, who had been heckled by NPP USA members for attempting to make a point by criticizing NPP members who publicized Sir John’s supposed will on social media.

Given the podium, Kennedy Agyapong started his speech by saying:

Taking the microphone, Kennedy Agyapong said NPP has to be careful and what Napaga was saying is actually the truth.

“Look 6 plots [for Sir John], me I am telling you, when I declare my assets, then you people will be shocked.” He said.

“Because when I was reading Sir John’s will I said: ‘Ah, but this peanuts!?’… Yes, you will be shocked.” He added.

“So I put myself in Sir John’s shoes so if I am dead today this is what is going to happen? Even within my own party? So we have to be careful NPP”.


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