Showboy warns Ghanaians not to buy a house from Criss Waddle

Showboy who has always been posting negative pieces of stuff about Criss Waddle his former business partner ever since his sorry a$$ was thrown into jail has warned Ghanaians never to buy any property from Criss Waddle’s real estate.

According to Showboy, the AMG boss is a scammer hence there’s no way he can engage in a genuine business therefore people who have plans of buying from him should look out for another real estate developer.

He further went on to accuse Criss Waddle of squandering the funds he sent him to purchase a house for him.

He wrote;

I send money say go buy me house .u dupe me never buy the house.. sent me pictures of a show room house.. n couldn’t say the truth to me.. I found out after 11months … criss waddle duped me ..used my money for himself. betrayed our friendship for his selfish interests. F*ck boy”

Anytime I asked for my house papers… waddle tells me Corona dey delay things .. not knowing he just made a small down payment..and use the rest if my money for his business .am in prison and he wish I never come home..thats how evil he is.  Scammed ur own nigga ..p*ssy *ss

For the past few days, Showboy has been on Criss Waddle’s case, forcing Waddle to block him on social media after he accused him of secretly sleeping with Fella Makafui.



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