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“Shatta Wale Releases 100 Songs Just to Get One Hit, Don’t Compare him to Me” – Kwaw Kese Slams SM Fans

Kwaw Kese is currently in a joyous mood over the success of his most recent single, ‘Dondo rmx’, so happy he’s even feeling confident enough to attack one of his old nemesis, Shatta Wale. 

Recently stories went around that the video of the song had hit 200,000 views on Youtube in just about a week, another point of jubilation for Kwaw Kese. But social media users would not let him enjoy in peace with people commenting that he hasn’t achieved anything and drawing comparisons to other artists.

An angry ‘Abodam’, in return, has warned fans to stop comparing him with their artists. Even though he doesn’t call out anyone by name it’s pretty clear which artist and fan base he’s referring to.

He tweeted: “Don’t understand why people compare their artists to others. Your artist Dey release 100 songs to get a banger when the other Dey drop bangers sorrrnnnn. Don’t compare chaley. #DondoRemix over the gals,”

In another tweet, Kwaw added: “Don’t compare Tu Gyimi to Perfumed Rice #period.”

Wale might have landed a Beyonce feature but he does release a lot of songs just to get one hit.

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