See How This Man’s Manhood Was Stolen

Strange things have been happening in Nigeria, but it seems stranger things are yet to come. A Nigerian film director has taken to the popular micro blogging site, Twitter, to recount how his manhood was stolen by ritualists in Lagos.

The film director, Johnson Wilcox narrated how suspected ‘ritualists’ stole his manhood in Lagos. Johnson alleged that he noticed his balls were missing after a bike man and another man shook him in Ikota area of Lagos.

Nigerian film director recounts how his penis was stolen in Lagos - lailasnews
See How This Man’s Manhood Was Stolen

Narrating his terrifying ordeal with the suspected ritualists on Twitter, he wrote:

“I am on my way to police station with the help of Wema Bank security who called in men of SARS. A bike man and another cane to me shook my hand and immediately want to run away and I couldn’t feel my two balls again when I raised alarm.”

“Thank God for Wema Bank securities and thank God to Ikota Police Station. while Police tortures them, they asked to pray and while they speak in strange language and touching me. My balls came back. What do I do to assure permanent return?”

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See How This Man’s Manhood Was Stolen

This is really strange and scary! As a film director, we are sure he must have come across different movie plots with some filled with horror and a lot of suspense. But having this happen in real life must have really scared the living daylights out of him.

These strange occurrences were common particularly in busy parts of Lagos last year. The rate of manhood theft in Lagos was on the rise as elections drew closer.

In fact, the general public, especially those living in Lagos were asked to be careful of who they come in contact with, as manhood hunters and kidnappers were alleged to be on the increase.

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