See How Social Media Users Reacted To New VVIP Buses With Beds

An Accra based Chinese transport company known as Royal VVIP Transport has outdoored ultra-modern buses furnished with beds.

The double-decker Yutong bus has no passenger seats but beds with the aim of making travelling comfortable.

However, social media users have also expressed their opinions on the new addition by Royal VVIP Transport.

VVIP Buses WIth Beds
VVIP Buses WIth Beds

Some were of the view that such buses were not needed in Ghana at the moment and that the bad roads should be fixed.

Samuel Ocha commented; “With those bad roads, you will not sleep for minutes. Who wants to die while sleeping lol”.

Ernest Owusu opined that the new bus wouldn’t allow passengers to stay alert in case of a robbery attack.

He wrote; “Waa look they want you to sleep so that armed robbers will attack you mumu people”.

No Limit also queried; “Do we have suitable roads for such bus what a dinner country?”.

Hajia Adiza also commented on the bad nature of our roads. She wrote; “The most important thing is the road not bus”.

Papy Shawn also stated that the seats will be better which will enable passengers to monitor drivers when they are driving recklessly.

He wrote; “When they want to kill you before your time. We want the seats so we can monitor the driver and the road!”.

Abigail_Salvatour also wrote; “Someone will fall from the top bed eehh”.

Williegee05 stated; “Good, very good, but am thinking about this teeming carelessness on our roads. Imagine sleeping on the bus and the unexpected happens due to careless driving”.


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