Sarkodie recorded the first Azonto song – Nshona Muzik shames Gasmila (video)

Popular music producer, Nshona Muzik has joined the debate on who is the true originator of the Azonto music genre in Ghana amidst the latest conversation that has aroused on social and traditional media.

Ghanaian music producer, Nshona Muzik is known to be one of the producers who spearheaded the music genre that gave birth to the likes of Gasmilla and Fuse ODG.

Nshona Muzik
Nshona Muzik

Well, the recent debate sparked by Gasmilla who made claims to owning and being the sole originator of the genre has got a lot of people talking and challenging his facts.

Nshona Muzik who recorded Gasmilla’s first Azonto song ‘Abodantwe’ has revealed Sarkodie is actually the first Ghanaian musician to record an Azonto song.

He revealed Sarkodie coined the word Azonto which was already a dance among SHS and JHS kids into music and used it in a song he produced for Stargo in 2010.

The music producer added that he fell in love with the word Sarkodie used in the song and allowed it to be called Azonto instead of calling it Nshona Music.


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