Late Anokye Supremo’s Ghost Keeps Appearing To Me- Isaac Kobina Zakk

Isaac Kobina Zakk, manager of the late Anokye Supremo has disclosed that the deceased artiste has been continuously revealing himself to him after his demise.

According to him, sleeping at night has become a problem as the late Anokye Supremo keeps appearing to him.

He also hinted that, his late artiste is  forcing him to deliver some message to his family members and a certain i musician which he doesn’t t want to make public.

“ I can hardly see his lips move but he talks to me and I hear exactly what he says. He told me to say some things to a musician and was keen on me not telling Ghanaians but the musician only and not even his manager. I know he will reveal himself to me again,” he told Kofi Adoma Nwanwanii.

Watch full video below.

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