Rapper Tic, formerly known as Tic Tac has said BET-award winning artiste, Sarkodie is a fantastic rapper who’s got no equal in the music fraternity.

In the voice of Tic in an interview with Mona Gucci on Katanka TV, emphasized that, though there are other artistes who rap faster than Sarkodie but his style of rap is well defined and unique from all.

“Sarkodie is a fantastic rapper. I think there are lot of people who can rap faster than he does, but I think he is what he has been able to nurture what his style to become and that is what make his unique. So it’s not just about him rapping fast, but it is the touch”, Tic said. 

He continued that he was once the fastest and best rapper in Ghana but he is no more due to the fact that he’s rather interested in making his music more appreciable.

“Though I once became the fastest rapper in Ghana, currently I am not thinking of doing hardcore rap in my music. All I think about is how to make my music more appreciable”, he added.



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