Sandra Ankobiah Looks Like The Perfect Match For R2Bees’ Paedae In Hot Photos!

Oh, perhaps you don’t know, Sandra Ankobiah and Payday of R2Bees, who is also known as Omar Sterling, used to bonk each other, until they bost went their separate ways silently.

However there are still rumours in town that the two are still seeing each other, and perhaps we aren’t seeing much because Payday is known as the type that keeps things on the low.

Sandra Ankobiah Looks Like The Perfect Match For R2Bees' Paedae In Hot Photos!
Sandra and Paedae (2015)

Well, after going on a commercial break off social media for a while, the smart bosschick, Sandra Ankobiah has released beautiful photos of herself and people just can’t keep quiet about it.

Sandra is well noted to be among a few women/female celebrities who have changed the perception that people and fans have about her.

From being known as a mere Ghanaian actress, Sandra has bagged her law degree and is the legal advisor of the Arts and Tourism Writers Association, ATWAG.

Sandra is also a philanthropist and still single in her early 30’s we hope she settles down soon with Paedae or someone fitting.

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