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Sammy Gyamfi asks Akufo Addo if he’s a goalkeeper for receiving a bribe with his two hands

NDC’s Sammy Gaymfi is th latest to shred Nana Addo into pieces with his sharp teeth and claws following the president’s bribe video scandal hit the internet.

According to the communications director of the opposition NDC party, Akufo Addo has disgraced himself bigtime for for “hurriedly receiving a bribe” with both hands when he rather held the symbolic State sword with one hand during his inauguration as President of the country.

He made these funny yet critical comments at a press briefing in Accra this afternoon.

He is reported to have quizzed…

You received bribe with two hands but held the State sword with one hand. You received a bribe with two hands; are you a goalkeeper?

Source: Gossips24.com

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