Saddick Adams blasts party foot-soldiers over Caleb Kudah’s arrest saga

Maverick Ghanaian sports journalist – Saddick Adams has blasted party footsoldiers over Caleb Kudah’s arrest saga in a tweet has been sighted on his wall.

According to Saddick Adams, it is very silly for anyone to politicize such a serious issue because he strongly believes that the matter goes beyond politics.

He also lamented over how alot of Ghanaians nowadays have allowed politics to cloud their commons sense.

The most astonishing thing is that, some political hirelings think every nasty event that happens must be defended in order to save the image of government. They never reason beyond politics, that a reckless and misbehaving national entity is a threat to everyone.

In other news, the BNI has launched investigations into how Caleb Kudah claimed during an interview with Bernard Avle that he was molested and tortured by the National Security operatives who nabbed him.


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