Sad As Final Year Legon Student Dies A Day Before Finishing His Schooling

A piece of very sad news is said to have taken place after a final year information studies student of the University of Ghana popularly known as Legon was revealed to have died just a day to writing her final exams.

The deceased whose name was identified as Daniel Anane Wadie was said to be a very intelligent young man who also was a member of the University of Ghana Parliament House.

According to sources, tho the real cause of the young champ is not yet known he was said to have taken to his WhatsApp status to call on all his friends to remember him when he is no more with them as he would be migrating to a different realm.

Taking to his wall the last words of daniel read saying: “When my body is gone, remember my heart”.

Many who heard the news have expressed shock as to how a young man with many ambitions and a bright future could pass away soo soon.


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