REPORTS – Asamoah Gyan’s Kids Show Him Attitude For Disgracing Them

Black stars skipper, Asamoah Gyan has gotten himself into trouble after destroying his family for all for the ‘pu$$y’ of one low-life slay mama.

Gyan’s plan of proving his wife has been cheating on him was to enable him get out of his marriage without paying a dime in subsistence. And this journey has been completely shattered with the news that the three kids are his after a DNA test was conducted to prove this.

This shocking news has shuttered the dreams of baby jet, Gyan now has to face the consequences of his actions.

It was reported earlier by several news portals, Asamoah Gyan had neglected his kids since the entire saga started, in misapprehension that they are not his children.

Close family sources tell that Gyan refused to see his kids, missed their birthdays and failed to spend time with them over the Christmas period.

And the kids returned him that favour during the day that the DNA test was being taken.

It is reported that when the family got together in the hospital where the tests were taken, Gyan reportedly tried talking to his kids but they completely ignored him as if he did not exist. A family source told the publication that it was only the second kid who gave Gyan a slight acknowledgement with a head nod but even he did not look too pleased to see his ‘father.’

According to the source, the children had become aware of the media circus generated by their father over their paternity as some of them had started being teased in school.

With the results now showing them as Gyan’s kids, it’s interesting to see if he would be able to repair his relationship with them going forward. Based on this report his chances are not too great.

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