Religion Has Brought So Much Destruction On Humans – Majid Michel

RENOWNED Ghanaian actor cum Evangelist, Majid Michel has highlighted that religion is one of the problems destroying humans in a video he shared.

The Ghanaian actor who sprung up a surprise to those who have seen him ” preach, perform miracles and cast out demons in those who felt wayward and out of Jesus Christ’s doctrine”, added that his eyes are now opened to the truth which is that “the number one or two problems on earth, if not leadership, is caused by religion.”

Majid Michel who stated that religion is a major destruction, further said that he realized that every religion be it Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and even Islam “has a history of violence and history of destroying humanity, hence can’t be tagged Godly.” 

He concluded by saying that he thinks the world has to move away from religion, and focus on more on a sense of spirituality because every human ought to be protected.

Here is the video shared by Actor Majid Michel on religion:
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