Rashida Black Beauty Should’ve Been Popular As Rosemond Brown’ – DKB

Somewhere 2016, Rashidatu Mohammed popularly known as Rashida, the black beauty or Malafaka Queen, became the talk of Ghana after her humorous footage went viral.

It all started when jilted Rashida was trying her possible best to get back at her ex-boyfriend (Kushman) for leaving her for another girl. Her intention then was just to respond to the insults she was receiving from her ex-boyfriend and his girl but got twisted when the internet found excitement in her hilarious message recorded to Kushman.

Fast forward, Rashida found favour in the eyes of Ghanaians and she was erroneously tagged as a “celebrity“. Not only but also, she won a Jigwe award and got interviewed on big platforms not excluding Kofi TV, Viasat 1 and many others.

But someway somehow, the fame of Rashida was short-lived especially when her rotten vjayjay containing houseflies found itself on the internet. Besides, she became pregnant along the line and her fame started diminishing like the speed of light. But should that be the case? That’s the frequently asked questions (FAQs) especially comedian DKB on why the relevancy of Rashida was short-lived.

Lest I forgot, during the prime moment of Rashida, she was featured in “Noko Fio”, comedy-drama with stars like Nana Ama McBrown, Kalybos, Benedicta Gafah, Yaw Dabo, Jackson Davies, Salma Mumin and others alleged that she was only exploited.

According to her in one of her past conversations with the press, she did not earn anything from the movie. “I didn’t just decide to get pregnant. I wanted to even abort the pregnancy but my mum discouraged me from doing so,” she noted.

Regardless, comedian DKB is convinced beyond doubt that Rashida should have been popular as Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo who’s making name for herself on the internet especially Instagram.

Remember that Rosemond Brown also became the talk of Ghana following an infamous comment she passed at the 2018 VGMAs red-carpet when she was interviewed by Joy News.

Watch a ‘clash’ between DKB and Rashida below:



Source: ghbase.com

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