Love For Pu$$y Is The Root Of All Evil Not Money – Princess Shyngle

Ghana-based Gambian actress and model, Princess Shyngle is back again with her usual attention seeking behavior.

The ‘Tapoli’ actress as many people call her is saying that, the love for p#ssies is the root of all evil and not what the bible says.

We all know what the Bible says in relation to that statement, according to the Bible money is the root of all evil, but Princess Shyngle says Money isn’t the root of evil but rather pu$$y

The actress made this controversial statement on her Instagram page with a photo of her huge backside attached.

She wrote; “They say money is the root of all evil…. I say P😻😻ssy is the root of all evil 😂😂😂 #melaninpoppin #blackisbeautiful #princessshyngle #gambianprincess #happiness #ilovemyman #livingmybestlife ❤️❤️❤️ rocking my Mapia Waist Trainers ❤️❤️ @mapiatea
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