A Prophet Told Castro About His Misfortunes (revealed)

The best friend of missing musician Castro has revealed what a man of God told his friend during the early stages of his career.

Speaking on inside prime tv, he revealed that when Castro released his hit song ‘Toffee’ a prophet prophesied his career and ending.

Once upon a time Castro went to a crusade followed a a harvest where he donated money to the church.

His benevolent nature got the attention of Prophet Amoako Attoh who revealed a prophecy about his life and music career.

According to the friend, Amoako Attah told the then young Castro that, he will rise to become a big star and latter he will meet a footballer who will make him bigger.

The prophet added that, soon after he becomes bigger through his affiliation with the footballer, he will get drown in water.

The friend said he advised Castro to visit the pastor in private for prayers to avert the doom part of the prophecy and when he did that, the prophet said God reveals to redeem so the doom side is cancelled.

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